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At no other time in history have Beacon Academy’s values and mission been more relevant. Beacon Academy students are innovative, independent, inclusive, and interdependent. They put their community first as they work toward social justice and discover untapped passions while grappling with real world problems both in and out of the classroom.
Although school may look slightly different now, our students continue to see the community as their classroom, continue to prioritize caring for each other, and continue to tackle problems of far-reaching significance. Their avenues may be the arts, politics, writing, the sciences, or some combination of all of these, but they share a sense of compassion, determination, and optimism. While the work may be rigorous, students learn resilience and the habits of mind necessary to navigate and meaningfully contribute to our complex and diverse world. Small by design, our student body feels known, supported,
and appropriately engaged by dedicated faculty who see them as individuals. Our faculty understand what drives each learner to succeed, and they form authentic and meaningful connections with students that are a hallmark of the Beacon Academy experience.
We invite you to learn more about our extraordinary community and the work that takes place at Beacon Academy. The drive and passion of Montessori minds is evident, and the spirit here remains unchanged—in fact, it is further ignited by the challenges we are facing today. Take some time to explore our School, based in Montessori philosophy, and offering IB coursework, and our wide array of athletics, service, arts, and extracurricular offerings. We look forward to welcoming you (whether virtually or socially distanced in-person) to Beacon Academy.
Marja Brandon Head of School

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