Lea Basile-Lazarus

Art Instructor



Lea received her BA in Art Education from The College of New Jersey and her MFA, with a concentration in Printmaking, from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has been teaching for 18 years, the last 15 at the Skokie School in Winnetka. An important part of Lea’s professional life has been working with a Chicago public school on a collaborative social justice art project. As recipient of a Teacher Fulbright trip to Japan, she spent three weeks abroad learning about Japan’s culture, art, and education system. Through a non-profit organization called Do Your P’Art, Lea was sent to Africa to visit Ghanaian schools and villages. In addition to teaching children, Lea offers Contemporary Printmaking classes at Lill Street Art Center in Chicago and at North Shore Art League in Winnetka. She is a working artist making contemporary prints and paper pulp collages, exhibiting her work around the Chicago metropolitan area.