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Ivory Hatch

Administrative Assistant
Ivory Hatch is a native of Michigan. Graduating from High School in 2000. Instead of going straight to college, Ivory jumped right into the mortgage industry and was very successful. At the age of 22 Ivory married her husband Solomon Hatch a Chicago native. Changing the pace of her life, Ivory and her husband decided to move to Chattanooga TN. She volunteered at several inner-city youth programs, which sparked her passion for working with youth. In 2013 Ivory moved back to her husband’s hometown Chicago IL. This opportunity allowed Ivory to stay at home with her two kids and attend the University of Phoenix to finish up her degree in bookkeeping. She continued working with children, by being a part of PTA meetings, after school programs and youth events. She also worked for a local martial arts studio which provided her with the opportunity to interact with kids from different age groups and backgrounds. This is Ivory’s first time working for an educational institution, and she is looking forward to joining Beacons staff as the Administrative assistant.