Chaima Ait El Mekki

World Languages Instructor
Chaima joined Beacon Academy's World Languages Department as a French Instructor. After many years designing educational travel programs for schools seeking community service and language immersion experiences in Morocco, Chaima was eager to take her knowledge and experience to the classroom. Born and raised in Marrakech where she learned to speak Arabic, French, English, and Spanish, Chaima has a love of teaching others her native languages and investing students in rich opportunities outside of the classroom. Chaima studied at Cadi Ayyad University in Marrakech, Morocco where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics & Computer Science and a Master of Science in Financial Engineering & Actuarial Science. Chaima is a strong believer in learning beyond the classroom and leverages her passion for travel and cross-cultural exchange to make her classes enjoyable while remaining open and welcoming to the outside world.