Keegan Terek

World Languages Instructor
Keegan Terek joined Beacon Academy as an Arabic instructor and member of the World Languages Department. Keegan began his study of Arabic as a high school student in Cairo in 2010 and has found himself enamored with the language ever since. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Arabic and Spanish & Portuguese Studies from Georgetown University in 2015, then completed a year of advanced Arabic training through a Center for Arabic Study Abroad Fellowship in Amman, Jordan. Currently, Keegan is finishing his Ph.D. in Anthropology at Northwestern University, where he also earned his Master of Arts in 2018. His doctoral research, based on a year of fieldwork in Amman, focuses on issues of language, gender, and sexuality within the contexts of LGBTQ+ activism and humanitarian work around forced migration. He is interested in incorporating anthropological approaches to culture and communication within Arabic language pedagogy.