2-28-19: Off the beaten trail (what, are we Trailblazers?? - Mr. Rudnick...)

Today started off with the morning off for us:  several people slept in, (since we start work at 7:30am), others relaxed, others worked.  It was a beautiful morning, most of us ended up at the Comodore and relaxed or worked - mostly, because the wifi is best at the Comodore, and there is free coffee, tea, and water and ice.  A pretty sweet place to be. Then we had lunch, and met up with Dr. Dyer at 1:30pm
After a quick talk from Dr. Dyer, we went out to collect some different caterpillars than Quadrus, but still on species of Piper.  We ended up going "off trail," and again, the boots were key.  While off the trail, we saw a group of at least 6 monkeys - they were black and white, and were throwing stuff down at us (or...doing something else down at us...I'm going with throwing sticks...).  We collected a few species of Eois, as well as gathered food for the caterpillars in the zoo.
After dinner tonight we are going to a talk by one of the other scientists here from the Natural History Museum in London.   So to end this post, I thought I'd show everyone the ~1/2 mile walk we take each time we travel between the Comodore (where we eat) to the River Station (where we sleep).  Enjoy!