3-6-19: Reflection blog

As I wrote the last blog, the kids asked if I could write a reflection blog once we got back, highlighting various aspects of the trip.  So, with a few days back under our belts (and some recovery in the form of sleep), I'll leave you with some of the kids' requests
1.  All the non-insect animals we saw:
howler monkeys
giant turtles
many, many birds
toucan *separate from the many, many birds*
snakes *small, non-poisonous*
peccary *stinky pig relative*
big frogs
poisonous frogs
river otter
speckled caiman
tree boa
fer de lance *poisonous snake*
spiders *we are only counting the big ones*
ant eater
spider monkey
2.  All the mishaps that happened:
2 1/2 hour line to get through customs
Drew has a gusher of a nose bleed during the line through customs
Jeremy breaks the key in the lock of the door
Mr. Rudnick's room is so infested with ants, he needs to switch to a different building the next day
Dr. Moore locks herself out of her room the first morning
Jacob drops his water bottle in the river while crossing in the basket
Dr. Moore smashes her face into a metal pole that is sticking up in the middle of the trail
Jack is bitten by a spider, and the first aid kit is broken out (like, Jack actually yelled in pain)
Foster's boots (the boots required to wear so you don't get bitten by snakes) are stolen
Foster steps on snake without boots because said boots were stolen (boots are eventually recovered...discovered on someone else's feet!)
Jack gets stuck in the mud
Jack runs into a metal pole that is sticking up in the middle of a different trail
Foster's bike chain breaks in half at the 2400m marker, and he has to push his bike back to the lab area 
Jack trips on vine and tree falls on him
3.  Highlight of the trip:
Drew:  the soccer
Foster:  the hiking
Jacob:  doing real research in a beautiful place, and being able to do lots of different stuff 
Mr. Rudnick: all the animals
Jack:  Seeing the sloth, the ocelot, and the last day hike with Dani, Ava and Jeremy
Ava:  the feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day, both physically and mentally.  All my experiences each day were full.
Jeremy:  exploring La Selva on bikes and trekking off path in search of the elusive Piper reticulatum
Dr. Moore:  watching the kids thrive with meaningful work; watching kids overcome obstacles and grow from day 1 to day 8; being able to share this experience with them before they graduate
And then last, but not least, Dani the graduate student made this AMAZING video for us on the last day - enjoy!