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In 9th and 10th grade, science courses run as two-year cycles with intentionally mixed grade level cohorts that reflect our Montessori identity. World language and integrated math courses are leveled; students are placed in these courses based on skill level and experience. Beginning in 11th grade, students may take all or some of their classes in the International Baccalaureate program. In addition to their core coursework, students may take elective classes each year. Offerings include classes in the fine and performing arts, digital arts, and music. All courses at Beacon are taught at the honors level.
At Beacon, we believe it is essential that students receive continual and consistent feedback in order to grow as learners. By identifying not only where they have room to grow and challenge themselves, but also areas where they are finding success, students find meaning in the practice of learning. Beacon’s pedagogical framework encourages the use of a wide variety of assessments to measure the extent to which students have mastered skills and content. Some of these assessments are formative, offering multiple chances to practice and revise developing skills and material. Others are summative, intended to allow the student to demonstrate the capabilities and knowledge they have accumulated. Both are opportunities for students to engage in focused reflection on their work, product as well as process, in order to apply what they have learned to the next unit or endeavor.
Montessori education is based on meaningful student-teacher relationships. Our faculty act as caring and connected mentors to provide students with the habits and skills to develop
and follow their own paths. This empowering relationship
is demonstrated in our reflections and conferences. At the midpoint of each semester, students are issued progress reports with extensive personal comments regarding the specifics of their performance and demonstrated proficiencies. Using this information, students lead their own midterm conferences with their parents and teachers.

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