I-Term & Travel

Beginning with the 2020-21 school year. Beacon Academy will be piloting I-Term, a two-week session in February designed to provide students with opportunities to dive deeply into a wide range of individually chosen inter-disciplinary course offerings. Sessions progressively offer more choice, freedom, and responsibility over the four-year experience. Developed by our outstanding faculty, potential topics for morning sessions include: Sports Psychology, History of Protest through Art, Musical Math, Slam Stories, and Fundraising Fundamentals. This time of focused study and meaningful choice-based learning offers students the chance to live out Beacon's mission and values: to think differently, discover new passions, or explore an area of existing interest. Classes are multi-age, allowing for connections to develop both across grade levels and with faculty members representing different disciplines. In the afternoon, students will participate in regular classes. I-Term reimagines curriculum and supports the social-emotional health of our community by giving students and teachers needed time to recharge and rethink.
I-Term will also provide future opportunities for Beacon students to apply their learning in the real world. Last year, Beacon students traveled internationally to France, Scotland, and Mexico! For more information, please click on the map to the right.