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How we use technologyHOW WE USE TECHNOLOGY
Beacon students use computer applications in much of their work, from science simulations to art installations. We are a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) school.  Our school’s wireless Internet system allows ready (and secure) access to the Internet via a high-speed circuit with all traffic passing through a firewall to block objectionable content.
Apple and Windows devices are suitable for nearly all needs, but we have a bias toward Apple equipment because of our commitment to the Apple TV devices for wireless projection in the classrooms.

Students are encouraged to use multiple hardware devices and to become adept at Windows, Mac OS, IPad, Chrome, and Android devices. Because our e-mail system is Google based and all students will have an e-mail address, many students also become proficient at using Google Drive, Calendar, Sites, and Contacts. It is common for students to collaborate on a shared Google document using Google Drive.

The school’s Student Information System (RenWeb) allows students and family members password protected access – including mobile access – to such things as homework assignments, class schedules, and family directories. Mr. Alvarado provides support for both student and administrative computer equipment. Both Apple and Windows-based computers and devices are fully supported.

Although we recognize the importance of technology and its use by the student, our philosophy remains that the main purpose of the technology is to allow for maximum interaction between a motivated student and a highly skilled teacher.