Visual Art

Beacon’s Visual Arts Program is student-centered and places student exploration at the heart of a holistic learning experience that celebrates and honors both self-expression and creativity. During the course of their four years at Beacon, students may choose from Art I and Art II/III, Digital Arts, and IB Visual Arts.

Art I emphasizes the elements of art and principles of design through creative art making. Art II/III is designed for students to have more freedom and choices in the materials and processes that they explore through providing inventive prompts. More advanced students may propose and design a year of art making that connects more personally to their individual interests. Beacon also offers a Digital Arts course where students learn technological processes and fundamentals of art as they pertain to photography. Students utilize photography as a means to record and as an alternative method of communication. The IB Visual Arts program focuses on identifying, selecting, and exploring artists and various media that inspire and excite individual creativity, while completing the 3 assessments required by the IB Visual Arts Program.

Beacon art students are encouraged to explore the Chicago arts scene, visiting local galleries and museums, while several field trips are provided for students. Beacon hosts an annual exhibition of student artwork which includes artwork created by all levels of art students, and the Senior/IB Visual Arts Exhibition. Artwork is always prominently displayed throughout the building and is an important part of the culture at Beacon Academy.