Habits of Mind, Habits of Learning

Habits of LearningHABITS OF MIND
Beacon Academy holistically addresses adolescent needs, focusing not only on academics, but also nurturing imagination, creativity, and ethical development. We value independence, passion, collaboration, and mindfulness as the hallmarks of our students. Beacon students are the agents of their own education. We are also a Montessori school that offers an International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, preparing our students for the intellectual, academic, social, and emotional challenges they will face in college, and in the greater world around them.

Beacon’s curriculum embodies the principle of “learning by doing” by affording students abundant opportunities for hands-on investigation, student-centered discussions, experimentation, interdisciplinary projects, and engaging in local and global communities. To simply memorize facts, learn history as unrelated to the arts and sciences, and ignore the development of personality, is to deny our young adults the opportunity of the preparation for life. Our primary aim at Beacon is to shape a high school education that keeps the holistic personality of the young adult at the center. Our educational model provides students with an education that supports the formation of the personality through intellectual rigor and critical thinking, creative expression, community engagement, and service learning opportunities.
Why Choose Beacon Habits of Learning
Beacon students build habits of learning that will serve them far beyond their high school or even college experience. At our core, Beacon Academy strives to help our students develop the aptitude and passion to learn actively throughout their lives so that they can adjust in an ever-changing future, become leaders and ethical citizens, and, most importantly, live with purpose.