Arts Annex

Beacon Academy is thrilled to announce the opening of our new Arts Annex at 1026 Davis Street in Evanston. Intentionally founded as a school with the community as an extension of our campus, and with a goal of fostering independence within our students, we are proud to reconnect with our roots.

The arts have been a staple at Beacon since inception with students traveling into the community for their courses at Piven Theatre, The Musical Offering, and Foster Street Dance. Additionally, visual artists from the Evanston Arts Center taught on campus. In years two and three, with both growth in enrollment and increased interest in the arts, faculty were hired and the arts program formally moved in-house. 

The arts have continued to grow, and today attract extremely talented students both new to the arts, and also those with strong arts backgrounds. Space has always been a challenge. In order to allow our students and their artistic pursuits to soar, and our faculty the ability to dream bigger in course offerings, the idea of an expanded arts space began. 

After a three-year search for the right space, the dream is now becoming a reality thanks to the incredible generosity of a $500,000 restricted contribution to the Arts and its future expansion. The Arts Annex will open to all students officially on January 9, 2023.