College Counseling

To provide a comprehensive, student-centered, fit-based approach to the postsecondary discernment and selection process.
WHAT WE BELIEVECollege Counseling
Every student engages in a unique journey of self-discovery at Beacon Academy, and our college counseling program complements this journey by equipping students and families with the information, tools, and resources to discern and pursue an educational pathway after graduation. Families and college counselors provide support, counsel, and direction for students, who are empowered to lead this process for themselves. Through thoughtful, intentional, and deliberately reflective educational practices, we believe that the college search and selection process will be a transformative element in how we prepare students “not just for school, but for life.” 


  • We know each student and family exceptionally well. We intentionally begin our relationships with students when they enter Beacon Academy.
  • We provide comprehensive services to all students and families around every element of postsecondary search and selection, including standardized testing, financial aid and scholarships, college lists and research, essay writing, the application process, and the college selection process.
  • We empower students to manage this process for themselves, teaching them valuable research and advocacy skills and collaborating with them and their families to place them at the center of their postsecondary search and selection.
  • We ground our programs and services in the school’s mission, supporting—not dictating—the school’s curricular, co-curricular, and social and emotional learning programs.
  • We promote access to and equity in higher education through our own professional growth, serving as leaders in college admissions organizations, building relationships with colleges and universities, traveling nationally and internationally to visit colleges, educating ourselves, our faculty, and our families about the changing landscape of higher education, and advancing the ideals of Beacon Academy and Montessori high schools in the American educational landscape.

Beacon Academy uses SCOIR to manage appointments with college representatives. Please click below or contact our office directly to set an appointment to visit us. We look forward to welcoming you! Click here to see our current calendar of colleges coming to Beacon
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Christian Brown
Director of College Counseling
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