Beacon 9th Grade Plan

General Advice:
  • Perform to your highest potential in the classroom. Your grades begin to count in ninth grade, and those grades will be used by colleges for both admissions and scholarship purposes. Pay close attention to your end of semester grades, as these will be reported on your Beacon transcript. Use progress reports to maintain a sense of where you stand in your classes.
  • Build strong relationships with your teachers by participating in class, going for extra help, asking pertinent questions, and seeking advice and counsel. Show your teachers the depth of your effort and learn how to advocate for yourself; both skills will be critical to your success at Beacon and beyond.
  • Start to develop a sense of the extent to which you might want to engage in the IB Diploma or Certificate programs. While you need not make this decision before the midpoint of your sophomore year, starting to build a sense of what this curriculum entails can lead you to make a more informed decision.
  • Explore your interests outside of the classroom. Beacon offers many opportunities to explore and develop lifelong passions, and you have the resources of a global city at your doorstep. The ninth grade year is a great time to join an athletic team, to develop musical and artistic skills, to get involved in community service, and to join groups both within and beyond the Beacon community. Get involved with civic and religious organizations. Consider taking on a part-time job. Travel, meet new people, and gain a sense of what you enjoy doing beyond the classroom.
Counseling Plan:

  • College counselors meet with 9th graders in small groups as part of Beacon’s wellness curriculum. Counselors introduce themselves and share strategies for academic and personal success in high school.
  • In March, ninth graders take the Pre-ACT. This exam, which is modeled after the ACT that many students will take later in their high school careers, will give a first indication of testing strengths and opportunities for improvement.
  • Keep abreast of student, parent, and family programming offered by the College Counseling Office throughout the school year.