Beacon Academy seeks students from a wide variety of backgrounds and academic settings who embody our core values and mission. We evaluate applicants with an emphasis on best fit for the school and the family, taking into consideration the student’s academic record, letters of recommendation, standardized test scores, extracurricular interests, student essays, and personal interactions.

Beacon Academy adheres to the National Association of Independent Schools’ Principles of Good Practice for Admission and Financial Aid and maintains the highest standard of ethical conduct throughout the selection process.
Beacon Academy is still accepting applications.
To submit an application for admission, please click here to access Ravenna, create or log-in to an account, and select Beacon Academy from the School Directory. Note that you should create only one account/use one email address per family. After you have completed all of the required fields and questions, click “Go to Pay & Submit” where you will be prompted to pay the application fee.
If you have completed the application form but cannot submit the application, please click on "Highlight Missing Questions" and scroll through the form to see if any questions are highlighted. If you still need assistance, please email Ravenna Solutions directly at [email protected].
The Parent/Guardian Interview, which can take place in-person or via Zoom, is a required part of our admissions process and provides an opportunity for the school to learn more about the applicant family and for parents/guardians to learn more about Beacon Academy. Once you have submitted an application, you will be able to schedule your Parent/Guardian Interview in Ravenna. If you have any problems, please contact the Admissions Office.
Applicants to Beacon Academy are invited to attend classes with current Beacon students.  Students can sign up for a shadow day after they submit their application to Beacon Academy.  Shadow days are offered on designated days each week from November 2023 through January 2024.  Please schedule your shadow day through your Ravenna account. 
Beacon Academy requires letters of recommendation from your child's current English and math teacher as well as an advisor or school administrator. On the application page, under Additional Steps, scroll down to the step for each of the evaluations. There you will be prompted to enter the name and email address for each recommender. This can be done before or after the initial application is submitted. Forms will be sent electronically to each delegate and returned directly to Beacon Academy via Ravenna. The deadline for submitting letters of recommendation is January 8 for sibling applicants and February 2 for new applicants. 
Please print the Release of Information Request form in Ravenna, complete it, and submit it to your child's current school. We require the following materials as part of our admissions process:
    • Report card or progress report from the previous academic year
    • Official transcript (if available) 
We kindly request that records be uploaded into Ravenna and directed to Beacon Academy. If your school does not already have a Ravenna account, a complimentary school account for file upload can be created by contacting Ravenna. If records cannot be uploaded, please have the school email them to the Admissions Office. The deadline for submitting school records is January 8 for sibling applicants and February 2 for new applicants. 
Beacon Academy requests a copy of your child's recent standardized test results. Please note that we do not require students to take the ISEE; we accept MAP or any other standardized test result. If your child has not taken a standardized test, please contact the Admissions Office.
If your child receives learning support services or accommodations, please provide us with a copy of the 504/IEP/Learning Plan and neuropsychological evaluation. Documents may be uploaded as a PDF in Ravenna. 
September 2023
Application for 2024-25 available online
November 11, 2023
Fall Open House 
January 8, 2024
Records deadline for sibling applicants
January 12, 2024
Financial Assistance application due for sibling applicants
January 14, 2024
Last day for parent and student interviews and student assessment (siblings only) 
February 2, 2024
Sibling notifications released in Ravenna
February 2, 2024
Records deadline and Financial Assistance applications due for new family applicants
February 16, 2024
Last day for parent and student interviews and student assessments 
February 16, 2024
Enrollment contracts and deposits due for sibling admits
March 1, 2024
New family notifications released in Ravenna after 3pm
March 6, 2024
Accepted Students Night (admitted siblings and new families). 
March 11, 2024
Enrollment contracts and deposits due for new family admits