Beacon 10th Grade Plan


General Advice:
  • Now that you have completed ninth grade, carefully consider your four year course plan with your parents and faculty advisor. If your goals, interests, or passions have changed, you should feel comfortable revising this plan. Determine the extent to which you hope to pursue IB level coursework and the Full Diploma program in 11th and 12th grade.
  • Continue to perform to your highest potential in the classroom. College admissions offices like to see an upward trend in grades, so concentrate on improving upon your 9th grade year. Ensure that you are using Beacon resources to maximize your performance. See your teachers for extra help whenever necessary. Continue your involvement in extracurricular activities by deepening your commitment to things about which you are passionate. Explore leadership opportunities within those activities and find ways to hone your skills (community theater, travel teams, workshops, youth conferences, etc.). Colleges prefer depth over breadth in terms of extracurricular involvements, so feel free to jettison those activities about which you have little enthusiasm.
  • Start to explore colleges informally. Look at websites, take virtual tours, and spend some time on local college campuses. Get a sense of what it might be like to go to college at certain school “types” (urban, rural, large, small, near, far, liberal arts, research university). Consider attending a local college fair in your sophomore year to get a sense of what these events are like. Beacon co-hosts a fair each fall, which you are welcome to attend, and there are lots of local college fair opportunities in the spring
Counseling Plan:

  • In October, all sophomores will sit for the PSAT. This preliminary exam will give you a sense of the content and structure of the SAT. You will meet with the college counselor as a group to discuss your results and to learn about how to use your score report. Using the score report and online resources provided by the College Board and Khan Academy will help you to become more “test-wise.”
  • Sophomores complete an aptitude and career interest assessment through YouScience. Through YouScience, students can learn about potential areas of study and explore a wide variety of career opportunities.
  • Beacon hosts a university admissions deans’ panel each May. Sophomore families are strongly encouraged to attend. 

Sophomore Summer:
The summer between sophomore and junior year should be productive. Consider engaging in one or more of the following activities:
  • Taking a course at a local community college.
  • Enrolling in a summer program at a college or university. Please note that enrolling in one of these programs will not increase your chances for admission to that college or university. Enroll in a program because you are interested in the subject area.
  • Enrolling in a summer study or travel program.
  • Working a summer job
  • Working or volunteering at a local camp or service organization.
  • Participating in a sports camp or special program (youth group trips, service trips, Boys/Girls State).
  • Traveling with friends and family.